An inspiring circular fashion project

    Who would have thought that an old man's shirt can be transformed into a cool design piece with some thoughtful interventions? My sister Ulli showed me the project of her friend Rebecca Chamberlain "Regenerated" and I was hooked...

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Sustainable Fashion Educator Daria Andronescu

      Do you remember? It's been almost three years since I had a conversation with Daria Andronescu for this blog about her project Wonder Wardrobe. A few months later we met in Berlin and again a few months later in Düsseldorf, where she was living at the time. A year ago Daria moved to Lisbon with her husband Mircea. From there she now looks after her worldwide community. I was in Portugal this summer for family and vacation reasons and curious to see how Wonder Wardrobe has evolved...

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My sister Ulli talks fashion and shops my closet

      My sister is once again in Europe for a longer period of time after a long absence due to the pandemic. You may have read this blog post? Where she styles me in a linen dress three different times? For the current story, Ulli looked into my closet and put together three outfits. Easy-breezy looks, with a wink so typical for her. But that's not all. Since Ulli lives fashion very independently, we also talked about her approach...

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