Eco Fashion Designer Sharon Anena 

        Sharon Anena presented her first collection at Northern Uganda Fashion Week in early March. She founded her brand "Ajura" in 2020, sustainable and local production was very important to her from the beginning. During our conversation a year ago, she told me that she was still searching for her "perfect fashion niche". I wanted to know where she stands today, how the collection was received at Fashion Week and where her eco-fashion journey is going now...

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Meet the Eco-Social Fashion Designer Maria Pasqualini

        "Offashion" is the name of the ambitious research and workshop project by Italo-Brazilian designer Maria Pasqualini. With Offashion, Maria developed a workshop format and starter kit to enable teenagers to go on their own personal fashion journey. With the goal to feel completely comfortable in their clothes and to find a more reflective way of dealing with fashion...

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Eunseok Han – Jewellery on display 

        Recently the poet and performer Nora Gomringer posted her birthday brooch. I thought it was so beautiful and very special. So I immediately looked up who the woman is who makes this unusual jewelry. Eunseok Han is an artist living in South Korea. Her jewelry is made from recycled materials, mainly used cans, they are colorful, the shapes organic and they look to me as if they had just emerged from the water. Eunseok makes brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings...

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