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       What makes PeppinoPeppino so special? Precise cuts, high-quality materials, contemporary styles and a transparent production chain. PeppinoPeppino, that's founder Simona Testucci and "pattern maker" Alessio Berto. Both look back on a very long experience in the fashion industry and bring all their skills and experience to make denim wear that is not only beautiful, but also durable and responsibly produced.

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Eco Fashion aus Gulu 

       Sharon Anena lives in Gulu, Uganda, and is currently working hard to set up a small, fine, local eco fashion brand. We meet on Zoom, Sharon talks about her enthusiasm for fashion and what her brand “Ajura” is all about: making sustainable, affordable and beautiful clothes for the local people and passing on what she has learned in this context to other women...

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Any mend is better than no mend –
Kate Sekules 

        “We produce and buy and discard too much. The planet can’t handle it and people are exploited in their millions. And COVID has only made that worse. But that’s the negative reasoning. On the positive side – mending is just really fun and creative and fulfilling. The visible kind is a fashion statement that personalizes your wardrobe, creates something fabulous every time, and costs very little...”

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