Any mend is better than no mend –
Kate Sekules 

        “We produce and buy and discard too much. The planet can’t handle it and people are exploited in their millions. And COVID has only made that worse. But that’s the negative reasoning. On the positive side – mending is just really fun and creative and fulfilling. The visible kind is a fashion statement that personalizes your wardrobe, creates something fabulous every time, and costs very little...”

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Månsken – „We need new role models“ 

        Even though spring is already on its way, it's never too late to start wearing cozy sweaters. Today I would like to introduce you to the small, fine brand Månsken, which aims to develop timeless and in every direction ethical and sustainable basic knitwear. Behind Månsken are two young women: Lucía Radeljak and Denise Steverlynck. 

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Videotalk with Marina Spadafora @ virtual GREENSTYLE

        As a designer and consultant for brands like Prada, Miu Miu and Ferragamo and as an ambassador for sustainable and fair fashion, Marina Spadafora knows the Italian fashion industry with all its strengths and weaknesses like no other. In an interview with Susanne Barta, she gives an insight.

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