Advocating total-ethics fashion

   I met Noa Ben Moshe for the first time a few years ago at Neonyt in Berlin. Then again in Frankfurt at GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab. She caught my eye. Her friendly, convincing way of speaking, the wild dark curls, the pretty and friendly face. Noa has been campaigning for more ethics in the fashion world for many years. "Style with a smile" is her motto, which is also the name of her blog and Instagram account. She is one of the most important vegan fashion bloggers today...

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Sharon Anena tells African Stories

   In December 2023, Sharon launched a new collection. The first time as a self-hosted event. "Our vision keeps changing as we go and I believe we now know what we stand for as a fashion brand", she recently wrote to me, sending me photos of the launch. I think the collection is very successful, so I would like to show you some of it...

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Parliament of Sustainable Fashion

    A parliament for sustainable fashion? Interesting, I thought, when I first came across it as part of an exhibition at the Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Bolzano. Many months later, I'm sitting opposite Mollie Edge. She is 25 years old, grew up in Sheffield and developed this project as part of her Master's course in Eco-Social Design at the University of Bolzano...

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